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About the course and Pricing

My KG Hypnobirthing classes are the ideal way to help you to plan and prepare for the birth of your baby.

I offer a full range of packages, so that you can decide which level of support you would like:-

Information Evening/Relaxation taster session (One hour) - FREE

Basic Package - Relaxation for Birth Workshop (4 hours) - £95

Group Package - Full Course, Group Classes (10 hours) - £195

One-to-One Package - Full course, One-to-One Classes (10 hours) - £250

One-to-One Plus Package - Full course One-to-One Classes (10 hours) PLUS
One-hour Refresher course (can be done by Skype) - £275

Hypnobirthing can benefit you in many different ways - as well as learning to let go of fears, worries and anxieties about labour and birth, you will also discover the role of the Fear-Tension-Pain cycle and how breaking this cycle this can help you to have a far more comfortable birth.
So, rather than feeling fearful and worried about the prospect of giving birth, KG Hypnobirthing classes can help, by offering you:-

  • a complete birth preparation course, tailored to your own needs, which will help you to learn simple, but very effective, deep relaxation techniques
  • hypnosis and massage techniques designed to keep you as calm and relaxed as possible throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.
  • a course which is designed for your Birthing Partner too, so that you're working as a team
  • information to help you to make informed choices and decisions about what you want - or don't want - to happen during your labour and birth
  • help with putting your Birth Plan together
  • group classes where you can share your experiences with other parents-to-be, or private 1-2-1 courses in the comfort of your own home

The Breathing for Birth Relaxation Workshop is a one day, 4-hour course, covering the basics of Hypnobirthing. If you want to explore more about how Hypnoobirthing can help, you can upgrade to the full course by paying just the difference in the cost.

The full Course consists of:-

  • 4 weekly sessions, each lasting around two and a half hours, so 10 hours of tuition in total
  • or you can attend an intensive course, over two weekend days, to fit in with your other commitments
  • your course manual, with all the handouts and materials you need
  • the KG Hypnobirthing text book, which is a great reference book for pregnancy, labour and birth
  • CD's or downloads of all of the hypnosis music and relaxation sessions yoou need
  • Breathing exercises, relaxation practice and gentle massage techniques to keep you calm and confident throughout pregnancy and birth
  • Support for your Birthing Partner so that you can learn together and work as a team
  • Ongoing support until your baby is born

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